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Eye Treatments                           


Eyebrow shape                                                    $25

Eyebrow tint                                                         $20

Eyebrow tint and shape                                     $35

Eyebrow lamination, tint & shape                    $80

Eyebrow lamination & shape                            $70

Eyelash tint                                                           $30

Eyelash tint and brow shape                             $50

Eyelash tint and brow tint                                  $50

All 3 treatments together                                   $55

Classic eyelash extensions                                 $100

Classic infills ( within 2 weeks )                         $55

Classic infills ( within 3 weeks )                         $75

Hybrid eyelash extensions                                 $145

Hybrid infills ( within 3 weeks )                         $85

Volume eyelash extensions                               $180

Volume infills ( within 3 weeks )                        $90

Eyelash extensions removal                              $45

Eyelash perming                                                  $50

Eyelash perm & tint                                             $75

Eyelash lift & tint                                                  $85

Eyelash lift                                                             $70


Dermaplaning                                                     $60

Body Waxing                             

Full leg                                                                   $50

Half leg                                                                  $45

Full arm                                                                 $40

Half arm                                                                $25

Underarm                                                             $25

Bikini                                                                      $25

Extended bikini                                                    $35

Brazillian first                                                       $70

Brazillian follow up                                              $50

Lip or chin                                                             $18

Lip and chin                                                          $25

Lip, chin & neck                                                    $35

Side of face                                                           $30

Back                                                                       $45

Chest wax                                                             $45

Chest and stomach                                             $48

Chest, back, stomach                                          $85

and underarms 


Special Occasion Makeup                                  $70


Neck, back & shoulder                       30mins  $60

massage + scrub                 

Full body massage + scrub                60mins  $110

L.E.D Light Therapy

Our Celluma L.E.D is safe, comfortable and suitable for all skin types. This rejuvenating treatment utilizes Red, Near-infrared and Blue light emitting diodes to penetrate deep into the dermis.  Includes the bonus of a massage while you relax

                                                                45min $70



Full face needling                                                $216

Full face, neck and decollete needling             $250



Dermaviduals facial treatments-

Just like our own individual fingerprints, our skin is unique to us. That's why we don't believe in a blanket skincare approach to address the needs of our skin and neither should you. 

Dermaviduals compounds highly specialised nano-technology coupled with skin mimicking creams and a ground breaking engineering process which delivers the deeply nourishing ingredients in a truly unique way.  This allows our active ingredients to permeate through the skins barrier in their most pure form, providing an accurate and responsive targeted delivery system.

Dermaviduals is preservative free, perfume free, emulsifier free, mineral oil and silicone free as well a being colour and amines free.

Dermaviduals comes highly recommended by experienced dermatologists, doctors, oncology aestheticians and skin clinicians.

Mini Facial     1/2 hour $70 


Time is precious and so is our skin- this soothing 'express' treatment aims to rebalance, calm and reduce any skin concerns you would like our clinicians to address. You'll find yourself leaving with your skin feeling smoother, relaxed, moisturised and revitalised.  This treatment Includes a double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask as well as a relaxing neck, décolleté and shoulder massage.

Dermaviduals Bespoke Facial    1 hour $114   

Our talented and knowledgeable clinicians will complete a thorough skin consultation to first assess your skin, your individual skin concerns and then create a perfectly tailored bespoke facial using only the highest quality Dermaviduals products to help alleviate, address and transform your skin. Our bespoke facial package can target a variety of skin concerns including inflammation, dryness, environmental damage, rosacea and aids in the clearing and tightening of the skin. Each facial includes a deep double cleanse, toner and exfoliant to fully prepare your skin for the delivery of our powerful Dermaviduals active ingredients. Our clinicians will then apply your personally curated combination of highly effective therapeutics including a mask, moisturiser, eye cream and an intensive enzyme treatment to help gently exfoliate, even out skin tone and smooth the texture of your skin. Our Bespoke facial also includes a luxurious neck, décolleté and shoulder massage ensuring you leave feeling refreshed, re-energized and loving the skin you're in. 

Dermaviduals Bespoke Facial Plus L.E.D Light Therapy $144

Includes our one hour Dermaviduals Bespoke Facial Plus LED. Our Celluma L.E.D is safe, comfortable and suitable for all skin types. This rejuvenating treatment utilizes Red, Near-infrared and Blue light emitting diodes to penetrate deep into the dermis.

All our facials include double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask, massage,  moisturisers and eye creams.  All one hour treatments also include an enzyme treatment.

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