Dermaviduals facial treatments 

Just like fingerprints, every skin is unique.  That's why we don't believe in a blanket approach to skin and neither should you. 

Dermaviduals is highly specialised technology coupled with skin mimicking creams and ground breaking engineering process making the delivery process truly unique.  This allows our active ingredients to permeate through the skin barrier in the most pure form, providing the most accurate and responsive delivery system.

Dermaviduals is preservative free, perfume free, emulsifier free, mineral oil and silicone free, colour and amines free.

Dermaviduals is highly recommended by dermatologists, doctors, oncology aestheticians and skin clinicians.

Mini Facial     1/2 hour $60 

( Dermaviduals or Sabore )            

If time is precious, this is the perfect solution.  A soothing treatment aimed at rebalancing, normalising and reducing any signs of irritation.  The skin is smoother, relaxed moisturised and revitalised.  Includes double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask, neck, decollete and shoulder massage.

Derma Clear    1 hour $95   

 ( Dermaviduals or Sabore )

A deep cleansing treatment that thoroughly decongests the skin, clarifiesand clears blemishes from the skins surface.  Evens out skin tone and helps in the healing, recovery and inflammatory process of blemished skin.  Suitable for clients of any age who are suffering from acne.

Derma Calm    1 hour $95

( Dermaviduals or Sabore ) 

A skin solution for barrier disorders designed to support, calm, strengthen and reduce heat in a sensitive, red or rosacea skin.  This will ensure the capillary system is well nourished and supported and will reduce the inflammatory process and produce a more even skin toned skin.

Derma White    1 hour $95

( Pigmentation ) 

Designed to improve skin tone and colour.  Decreasing hypo pigmentation by incorporating specific extracts that inhibit tyrosinase and the formation of melanin.  Suitable for clients of every age suffering from hypo/hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Dermaviduals or Sabore     1 hr $95

( Bespoke )

Whatever your skin may be needing, your facial will be tailored specifically to your skins needs at the time, whether it be anti-aging, dullness, dryness, environmental damage, itching or flaking.  We have you covered.

All our facials include double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask, massage, active serums, moisturisers and eye creams.  All one hour treatments also include an enzyme treatment.