Stylist           Senior



Ladies cut & style                     $55               $60

Ladies restyle                            $65               $70

Male cut & style                        $30               $35

Mens restyle                              $35               $40

Beard tidy                                  $10                $10

Highschool girls cut & style     $40               $45    

Childs cut  5 - 12yrs                  $20               $25

Childs cut  under 5yrs              $16               $20

Clipper cut                                 $18                $18

Fringe trim                                 $05                $05



Hair Treatments                        


Customised Conditioning Treatment                       Whether your hair is lacking moisture, or it's suffering from damage, we have you covered.  Includes a relaxing head massage.  Heat is applied to allow treatment to penetrate deep inside the hairs cuticle.

                       Stand alone salon treatment   $25

                     Including dry off   $35

             Including dry off and style $50


Cezanne keratin smoothing treatment  

For smoother more manageable hair.

This treatment infuses natural keratin, a rich

protein, deep into the hair cuticle, providing

you with the hair you have always dreamed of. It reduces frizz, curl and styling time.                              

                     Express  ( lasts up to 10 weeks )   $150

Classic ( lasts up to 5 months )   $250 


Olaplex Bond Reparation Treatment

"The holy grail of hair repair" This innovative

new technology will absolutely prevent breakage. Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide bonds in the hair. Hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services. Because it is a bond extender, it builds the core strength of the hair and allows all other treatments to become more effective.

In colour Olaplex treatment  from   $45

                  Stand alone Olaplex treatment   $55

                    Including blowwave and style   $60

Including blowwave and straighten   $65​


Regrowth touch up                           $95

Short hair one colour                       $100

On Shoulders one colour                $110

Below shoulders one colour           $120

Mid back one colour                        $130

1/2 head foils short/roots               $95

1/2 head foils on shoulder              $110

1/2 head foils below shoulders      $120

1/2 head foils mid back                   $130

3/4 head foils short/roots               $105

3/4 head foils on shoulders            $115

3/4 head foils below shoulders      $125

3/4 head foils mid back                   $145

Full head foils short/roots               $120

Full head foils on shoulders            $130

Full head foils below shoulders      $140

Full head foils mid back                   $150

Colour and foils short                      $110

Colour and foils on shoulders        $125

Colour and foils below shoulders  $140

Colour and foils mid back                $155


Toner                                         From  $20

Mens Colour                             From  $45


To add a cut and blowwave to        + $25

any colour or perm.                 

To add Olaplex to any              From  $45

colour service.                                  



Wash and brush blow wave (short)    $40

Wash and brush blow wave (long)      $50

Wash, dry and straighten                     $40

Half hair up                                             $65

All hair up                                                $85

Ghd curls                                                 $45

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