Wella Sp Clear Scalp Shampeeling


Wella SP Clear Scalp Shampeeling is an intensive anti-dandruff treatment which relieves and treats extreme cases of dandruff and eczema on the scalp.

Formulated with an antifungal Zinc Pyrithione Complex, Clear Scalp Shampeeling is designed to be used in place of shampoo a few times a week to clear the hair and scalp of stubborn flakes and relieve itchiness and irritation.

Wella SP’s exclusive Dermacalm Complex soothes irritation and prevents the formation of new dandruff. Delivering exceptional results for up to 2 months after regular treatments over 4 weeks, Clear Scalp Shampeeling leaves the hair and scalp visibly clear of flakes and eliminates irritation for a clearer, healthier scalp.

Tip: For best results alternate between Clear Scalp Shampeeling and Clear Scalp Shampoo throughout the week.

Size: 150ml

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