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De Lorenzo Illumin8 Instant Restructurant Trio Gift Pack

De Lorenzo Illumin8 Instant Restructurant Trio Gift Pack




De Lorenzo Instant Illumin8 Shampoo 375ml

Instantly cleanses blonde and pre-lightened hair to neutralise unwanted yellow tones with a concentrated blue-violet pigment-infused formula. Contains Baobab Protein, Chamomile and Wine Extracts toenhance gloss, provide UV sun protection and brighten blondes. It is recommended to wear gloves as temporary staining of hands can occur due to the strong deposit of colour.

De Lorenzo Instant Illumin8 Conditioner 375ml

Brightens and instantly tones blonde hair with blue-violet pigments and softens to leave hair nourished and hydrated. Formulated with Baobab Protein, Chamomile and exotic Wine Extracts to enhance gloss and brighten blondes. Provides UV sun protection.

De Lorenzo Instant Rejuven8 Treatment 150g

A deep conditioning treatment for coloured and chemically enhanced hair. Formulated with vitamin E to help extend the life of your colour.

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